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Stardust-audio News Bulletin

More Music and Vst's soon

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-05-13 17:54:01
Hi all,

So this Month my remix of Enry-C's SpaceGroove is being released
On Experiment Records

The Release date is set to 26/05/2017

You can Listen to The original track and remixes here Enry-C spacegroove
i was surprised by some of the loops that came whit the remix package.
I used to spacey vocals a lot kept that atmosphere in the track and made a cool remix whit a twist from the original track.
I am quite proud of my remix.

And soon next month more of my original works will be released by
D-Force Records

I am realy glad whit that D-force is release it
Das Neu is an Epic EP that includes 3 cool original Gijs techno tracks. The release dat is set to 1-6-2017

Futer more i am working on a set of percussion synth.
No demos yet but i do have a cool picture of the Noise layer and the Impact Layer.

The idea is to create varicose single purpose vst plugins .
That can be layered to create one percussion sound.
Most percussion sounds are quite complex. For instance A 808 snare
Is composed of a Plop/Drum sound Combined whit a Filtered Noise.
I could do a percussion synth that has all the components needed but it wil get
To heavy and to complicated for proper use.

In the end i will make a set of 5 vsti plugins for percussion sounds.
You simply record the percussion sound and ad it to your music as you like.
This way you wont need a huge fatt computer to make a track.

Thats al music news for now.

Just for fun A small update what i have been doing 2 latley

i am setting up an aquarium.
I got this from a friend of mine who did not need it any more.
I always liked aquariums. I put in the plants just the other day.
Now i have to wait a week before i can add fish to it.
From time to time il post a picture of the my aquarium just for fun
Tonight is jam night. so il be off jamming on the keys.

Thats all for now. :)

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