Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Goodies and Music

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-12-24 16:29:31
Ho ho ho Merry Cristmas.

So its Cristmas and i have some Cristmas goodies!!!

First of two new tracks have been uploaded.
The First one is 80thies, From time to time i like to do something diffract
and this resulted in a funky 80thies e-pop track. This fits in nicely for my Head-Fm album.
Get it here

The Second one is Paradise. a true synthscape song.
This one is for my album The Opralpendium effect.
Put some head phones on close your eyes and begin your journey!

Get it here

And For you music makers i have got something coo goodiesl to!
If you want them all at once use this link

I used my own Vst-Plugins (wich you can find here in on the plugins page)
To create al sorts of percusion sounds
Get the sample pack here

I have been working on a new series of plug ins made for percussion sounds.
Ps-Impact is the first synth for this project.
Eventual i will make more plugins that you can stack.
Some Percusion sounds are hard to recreate because of all the diff rant things going on. So i am creating a series of plugins that are small and specialize in a certain type of percussions PS-impact is made for the hammering and impact like sounds.

Get it Here

The Next Plugin is a new Loudness / enhancer plugin.
This one is simlar to Leloudness only i think it works better and the overal sound is diffrant. You can put it on the Master for fatting your track Or (what ido)
Put it on Induvdial sounds and synths or perccusion groups.
This way you can make your drum loops sound bigger and fatter.
and enhance your synths. It works good on Vocals To !!

Get it Here

Futher more new music will be released soon i cant say to mucht but its good!!
I wish you al a merry xmas and a happy new year!!!!

Quick Mobells update

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-11-13 16:15:36
Ive just updated the Mobells fm synth.
I received multiply requests for a proper Fxb/pacht bank option.

I have added this option to Mobells and uploaded the new version to my page.
So get it here >>Mobells Download<<

Also i have uploaded a new Song Misses Liza.
Its a catch elktro pop song i made for fun. so enjoy!!!.
Get it here

Latley i have been bussy working on some cool music for my spacesynth album
The Orpalpendium Effect. Going even deeper than i usaly do.
Futhermore there will be new music released soon but i cant tell to much yet!.

In any case your still wondering what happend to my percussion series vst-plugins.
These are still in development but i got the feeling santa's gonna give these away.
Thats it for now....

New Synth and Music!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-09-27 19:56:51
A short update.

Recently i have been working on some new music.
Two great tracks are coming soon whit the vocal of Chacha.

Lately i have been performing live music for stichting utopodium
I am currently preparing for a live performance on stage where il be playing
a cool live synthesizer music set. this is the opening act for a Pinkfloyd tribute band.

I have uploaded two new tracks (you might noticed dancing in the moonlight before)
These are set in the new music section.
The Final edit of my track ready for love whit Chacha is available to !

Listen to the tracks here
Ready For Love
Dance in the Moonlight

And for the music makers there is a new cool fm synth i made recently
I give you

As the name implies its a synth to make bell sounds like music boxes or church bells or any bells. Included in the Downloads zip there is a FLstudio Preset Library
For a Proper Demonstration and audio demos visit my youtube video about using the mobells synth right here

Well thats it for now.

Expiriment records Label Showcase Vol.2

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-06-28 12:29:25
Hi all.
Be sure to chek this out. the second label showcase from Experiment Records
10 Cool tracks to add to your collection!
Get it on beatport here

Featuring the tracks of
Karloss , Namtrack ,Waitz ,Alex Summerhill
Sam Arsh , Allex ,Enry C ,Tom Leclercq ,Moving East
And Me!

Chek it out Play it Loud !

WhooYea New Mikinthemix 2017 !!!!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-06-06 16:24:43
Yea Its out. My latest Mik in the Mix or MIM2017

Listen To the Mix Right HEREE

This Mix features all the new songs of 2017
Some of these where Released others have been kept hiding waiting for the mix.

As i always do i create my music whit the intention to be mixed
So check it out and listing to my music the correct way!


Yes New Track Releases Dasneu EP

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-06-02 17:08:00
Yea and here i present my latest Ep.

Dasneu Features 3 gijs de mik techno style tracks.
Each of the tracks represents a style of what techno is to me
You can listen to it here

Dasneu on

Chek it out Play it loud. Wich one is your favorite??

More Music and Vst's soon

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-05-13 17:54:01
Hi all,

So this Month my remix of Enry-C's SpaceGroove is being released
On Experiment Records

The Release date is set to 26/05/2017

You can Listen to The original track and remixes here Enry-C spacegroove
i was surprised by some of the loops that came whit the remix package.
I used to spacey vocals a lot kept that atmosphere in the track and made a cool remix whit a twist from the original track.
I am quite proud of my remix.

And soon next month more of my original works will be released by
D-Force Records

I am realy glad whit that D-force is release it
Das Neu is an Epic EP that includes 3 cool original Gijs techno tracks. The release dat is set to 1-6-2017

Futer more i am working on a set of percussion synth.
No demos yet but i do have a cool picture of the Noise layer and the Impact Layer.

The idea is to create varicose single purpose vst plugins .
That can be layered to create one percussion sound.
Most percussion sounds are quite complex. For instance A 808 snare
Is composed of a Plop/Drum sound Combined whit a Filtered Noise.
I could do a percussion synth that has all the components needed but it wil get
To heavy and to complicated for proper use.

In the end i will make a set of 5 vsti plugins for percussion sounds.
You simply record the percussion sound and ad it to your music as you like.
This way you wont need a huge fatt computer to make a track.

Thats al music news for now.

Just for fun A small update what i have been doing 2 latley

i am setting up an aquarium.
I got this from a friend of mine who did not need it any more.
I always liked aquariums. I put in the plants just the other day.
Now i have to wait a week before i can add fish to it.
From time to time il post a picture of the my aquarium just for fun
Tonight is jam night. so il be off jamming on the keys.

Thats all for now. :)

Yea new track release 24/03/2017

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-03-07 00:10:00
Hi all music fans.
A quick but cool news update.

My track Frog Dreams Cat will be released on Experiment Records
The title fits the dreamy atmosphere of the track
The track will be available in all major stores at 24/03/2017.

You can listen to a preview here FrogDreamsCat

I was very happy to hear that the track had been remxid
Namtrack & Karloss Did a realy good job on making the remix.
Keeping the orginal vibe whit a twist. You can listen there remix right here
FrogDreamsCat Namtrack & Karloss Remix

I have been working on some new tracks for my new album G5.
Some of them are free and will be uploaded here in time.

Chek it out Play it Loud !!!

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