Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Quick one

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-06-03 14:00:51
Hi All !

Since i have gotten a lot of request to convert the FL studio MObells preset pack
to a Fxp format. i did that last night.
So have fun and download the external preset pack here >>MobellsPresets<<

I have been working on some cool music and i look forward to the next few months.
New tunes will be released and i am quite happy about it.

In the meanwhile you can chillout listing to my SunShineStardust album.
Or go into space whit my spacemix

that is it for now.

Music release and stuff

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-04-30 13:38:09

My new track Let it Slide is released on 06-05-2018
featuring the vocal works of chahca.
Wich you may know from the track ReadyForLove and Go Go YellowScreen
This is a more dance orientated track, Good music

Yence505 and BeatGrooveRhythm Both did a remix of the track.
wich will be released to!

Further more
Yence505 Asked me if he could do a remix of my track RustyDragon.
And ofcoarse i was cool whit that, Here you can find his remix of
>>> RustyDragon.

I also have been working one some new effect plugins.
Starting whit the first TrackDelay2.
The Track Delay2 Makes small varations in time possible
Its Lfo based wich can be either freerunning or Bmp sync.
I made this plugin so i can create drum loops and percussion layers
sound more live like. Based on the fact that no one can drum 100% accurate,
Use it to create more swing like effects or small delays.
For proper use add the effect to one percussion sample/channel
and stack more of them per percussion to get the real live like sound.

And i have a Stereo widne effect.
This effect is used to create stereo wide effect splitted by freqeucie
You can set the higher frequencies stereo wide effect and the lower frequencies wide effect. als there is a modulation option for both High and Low channels.
Witch can have there own speed and mod depth. This pluggin is great on vocals
or use it after your reverb or delay.

Well thats it for now.
Keep Grooving!

New Music and Synth Demo!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-02-24 19:20:55
Hi all,

So its been a while but i have two new tracks Right here.

First one is Rave Buddy For al you ravers out there!.
>> Rave buddy <<

Second one is Take It home a deeper house track.
>>Take it home <<

And i did a remaster of an older track called Rusty Dragon,
this is a classic Gijs trance track
>> RustyDragon <<

Also i have been working on my new synth project.
it not done yet but here is a demonstration video on how it sounds and what you can do whit it. some times the audio drops out this is becuase there are some minor bugs i still have to fix.


Recently i made a new Dance song wich is going to be released on Dforce Records
Cha cha did great vocal work on this so keep a look out at the news page
for the release date

Thats it for now
Keep Grooving

Goodies and Music

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-12-24 16:29:31
Ho ho ho Merry Cristmas.

So its Cristmas and i have some Cristmas goodies!!!

First of two new tracks have been uploaded.
The First one is 80thies, From time to time i like to do something diffract
and this resulted in a funky 80thies e-pop track. This fits in nicely for my Head-Fm album.
Get it here

The Second one is Paradise. a true synthscape song.
This one is for my album The Opralpendium effect.
Put some head phones on close your eyes and begin your journey!

Get it here

And For you music makers i have got something coo goodiesl to!
If you want them all at once use this link

I used my own Vst-Plugins (wich you can find here in on the plugins page)
To create al sorts of percusion sounds
Get the sample pack here

I have been working on a new series of plug ins made for percussion sounds.
Ps-Impact is the first synth for this project.
Eventual i will make more plugins that you can stack.
Some Percusion sounds are hard to recreate because of all the diff rant things going on. So i am creating a series of plugins that are small and specialize in a certain type of percussions PS-impact is made for the hammering and impact like sounds.

Get it Here

The Next Plugin is a new Loudness / enhancer plugin.
This one is simlar to Leloudness only i think it works better and the overal sound is diffrant. You can put it on the Master for fatting your track Or (what ido)
Put it on Induvdial sounds and synths or perccusion groups.
This way you can make your drum loops sound bigger and fatter.
and enhance your synths. It works good on Vocals To !!

Get it Here

Futher more new music will be released soon i cant say to mucht but its good!!
I wish you al a merry xmas and a happy new year!!!!

Quick Mobells update

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-11-13 16:15:36
Ive just updated the Mobells fm synth.
I received multiply requests for a proper Fxb/pacht bank option.

I have added this option to Mobells and uploaded the new version to my page.
So get it here >>Mobells Download<<

Also i have uploaded a new Song Misses Liza.
Its a catch elktro pop song i made for fun. so enjoy!!!.
Get it here

Latley i have been bussy working on some cool music for my spacesynth album
The Orpalpendium Effect. Going even deeper than i usaly do.
Futhermore there will be new music released soon but i cant tell to much yet!.

In any case your still wondering what happend to my percussion series vst-plugins.
These are still in development but i got the feeling santa's gonna give these away.
Thats it for now....

New Synth and Music!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-09-27 19:56:51
A short update.

Recently i have been working on some new music.
Two great tracks are coming soon whit the vocal of Chacha.

Lately i have been performing live music for stichting utopodium
I am currently preparing for a live performance on stage where il be playing
a cool live synthesizer music set. this is the opening act for a Pinkfloyd tribute band.

I have uploaded two new tracks (you might noticed dancing in the moonlight before)
These are set in the new music section.
The Final edit of my track ready for love whit Chacha is available to !

Listen to the tracks here
Ready For Love
Dance in the Moonlight

And for the music makers there is a new cool fm synth i made recently
I give you

As the name implies its a synth to make bell sounds like music boxes or church bells or any bells. Included in the Downloads zip there is a FLstudio Preset Library
For a Proper Demonstration and audio demos visit my youtube video about using the mobells synth right here

Well thats it for now.

Expiriment records Label Showcase Vol.2

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-06-28 12:29:25
Hi all.
Be sure to chek this out. the second label showcase from Experiment Records
10 Cool tracks to add to your collection!
Get it on beatport here

Featuring the tracks of
Karloss , Namtrack ,Waitz ,Alex Summerhill
Sam Arsh , Allex ,Enry C ,Tom Leclercq ,Moving East
And Me!

Chek it out Play it Loud !

WhooYea New Mikinthemix 2017 !!!!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-06-06 16:24:43
Yea Its out. My latest Mik in the Mix or MIM2017

Listen To the Mix Right HEREE

This Mix features all the new songs of 2017
Some of these where Released others have been kept hiding waiting for the mix.

As i always do i create my music whit the intention to be mixed
So check it out and listing to my music the correct way!


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