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Stardust-audio News Bulletin

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Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2017-02-18 15:34:10
Hi all music fans.

I have great news. The track Our love is dead feat LucyBosman Burtal Force remix
Is released on a real CD !!
Ime really proud that has been released.

Brutal Force Records Volume 1 is a hard true hardcore album.
I found the tracks to be quite good and a bit more like the early hardcore eara.
You can order the CD album Here >>
Buy Brutal Force Records Volume One Album

As you can see the remix of my track Our love is dead as shown on the cd
Ime realy proud that a song of my made it to a real cd.

If you have a spottify account you can listen to the tracks at the links below
Original Track here>> Our love is dead original
And the hardcore remix here>>Our love is dead Brutal force remix

So i have been quite busy working on some new music.
First of i have uploaded new free music on
Most are for my upcoming Techno album G5.

The track Groen Features some hard acidezd thecno whit a Surprisingly twist in music genre

At last the track Koktrikliko is sweet. It fits in perfectly whit the previous two songs.
Now you have heard where my album sound is going. Il be working on some more tracks and add these from time to time.

The intro song is made for my HeadFm album wich shall feature some more chill out and elktropop music
Introtrack2016 head fm

Of coarse You can find them in the new music section
At the music page i have made a new Music Tab. Remix&Projects.
Here il shall feature al of my Remix works. and my music projects.
I already have made some wierd and cool game like music and some other types of tunes that cant be fitted else where. So keep a look out at my webpage for updates in this section.

And for your music makers i have something realy cool.
I was looking for text to speech synths when i found this free VstSpeak3.

Wow this is awesome. Rember the good old Amiga Say program?
And retro robotiod speeking computers?. Well this Vst plugin has that sound
And its cool. You can even fiddel around whit the Pitch.Speed And vocal sound of the mouth and throat.

Chek out these sound demos i made (number 4 has been processed whit effects)

You can Get your Vst-Speek here
Well that is al the news for now....