Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Good Stuff

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-11-20 01:28:09
Hi all!

I have some good news

Next Friday il will be perfroming live at utopdium
I will be doing live synth music as the opening act for a pink floyed cover band
called the endless floyd sound
these guys played verry well this year and ime glad i can do my music again
if your in the netherlands and want to c me performe live
Chek out GoogleMaps

And today i present my MondayMeshup,
I had this idea of creating a track using loops and samples from other artist there music, I created this track only whit those samples.
Ive mixed and machted them,
You can listen/Download the MondayMeshup >>Here<<

I used the follwing tracks

Sander van Doorn The Bass
Ferry Corsten L.E.F
Simone Vitullo Felipe Puertes Shingalin
Jimmy Hendrix Gypsy Eyes
Jimmy Hendrix House Burning Down
Felix Da House Cat Silver Screen
Don Diablo Any Time Is House Time
Albarosie Global War
Alvero And Afro Bros DubbelFrisss
Rachael Star Till There Was You
Anna E Say That you Love Me
Mikesh No Good
KernKraft 400 Zombie Nation

For the music makers out there my sulfer synth is almost done
Check out this small demonstration video.
Keep a look out at my website you can get this synth soon
Thats it for now

Live Perfromance and New Cd Yence505

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-11-06 22:24:07
Hi all!

24-11-2018 Me and LucieJ will be performing live
Due to circumstances the live performance is set to this new date

24-11-208 Saturday 13:00
Urban Earthship Alkmaar

Click Here for location on GoogleMaps

Me and LucieJ are sure to bring you cool spacey electronic music ,Some tracks feature my older electronic music and some new and for those who LucieJ well be playing here favourite tracks to!

So if your in the area be sure to fly by.
I shall record the music and share the performance mix later on

This is our first performance and a try out for new things.
Live Practising and fiddling around.

My Fellow Producer Yence505
Witch has done some great remix work on my tracks and i on his,
Released a new Album witch is available on CD.Featuring 12 cool tracks In your Arms is my favourite track along side The Sun and Activated

Get your Copy right >>>>here<<<<

i have got more good news, I am currently working on more music projects
and all is going well,more new Gijs tunes are released the next few months.

My collaboration whit Lucie J is going well and we already made 4 complete tunes.
A few of them will be ready for download next week.

The fuze project is going i well i made over 400fx samples and i am about to
create my real live sample pack. this is going to be fun and a good learning processes.

Keep Looking out for more news, I have a small Surprise on Monday (19-11-18)

How to Use Synths

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-10-26 17:00:36
Hi all,

Just a quick update this time,
My new tutorial Video is Online

>>Watch the video here<<<

In this video i explain all basic synth parameters,
It uses the Simple-SYnth demo vst from the first video,
If your interested in learning how to use synths only you can download the vst
at the following page


Thats it for now

BackFire EP

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-10-05 13:52:47
Hi All,
Just a few more days and nights and my new BackFire Ep is released.

Mystical music to take you into the twilight and sweep you back again.
The Ep tries to capture the feeling of being lost, the misdirection you feel when someone you love going to pass away.

Slowly falling. Wandering in surrealism.
Knowing the end is near.

The Backfire Ep is a real outlet for me, I made it when my dad passed away. I had a lot of mixed emotions and it was a hard time for me. Feeling Lost Lingering around

The release date is set on 19/10/2018.
Play it loud!

Fuze and music from experiment records

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-08-09 12:10:46
Hi All,

I have some exiting news.
i will be creating music and effects for Fuze

I recently came in contact whit this project called Fuze
Fuze is a learning environment designed to make learning (and teaching) real text based coding as easy and as accessible as possible
>>>Chek it out here<<<

Damian Charles asked me if i wanted to make some c64 tunes for him using the program DeflMask. Its a Mod tracker style program
in wich you can make music for game systems and such like sega,nes c64 and so on
Of coarse i was happy to do so having played a lot on the c64 when i was young.

He said to me he was going to program for a project called Fuze for nintendo switch
I offered to create music and effect for the project and after he had contact whit fuze they where excited to have me on board.
I am happy whit this opportunity and i am looking forward to create cool fx and tunes.

Futher more i have here two cool tracks from Experiment records.
First off is Sam Arsh whit Apocalypse Alert

This Gloomy Deephouse track is right up my alley,
I like the atmospehre and dark sound.
Chek out the tracks >>here<<

Next up is Martin Downhill – Nightmare EP

If your more of a techhouse fan then your like this ep.
a clean solid techhouse vibe al the way, My favourite is Nightmare,
Chek it out >>here<<

Well thats all for today. Next week on Monday i have a little surprise.

The Sun

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-07-26 11:05:38
Hi All,

Today my race remix of The Sun is released
A great track made by Yence505 whit vocals by Emphavoice
The original features a cool summer trance track,
My Race remix is bit of twist and harder
>>buy on beatport <<
Or Listen to the track at >>Spottify<<

I liked working on the track and the quality was good.
Next Monday i have a little surprise for you all.
I am working on a massive Mashup Project. more on that next week

Enjoy !

Cool releases from Experiment Records!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-07-04 01:00:31
Hi all,

So as you might know one of the labels that releases a lot of my music is
>>Experiment Records<<

This label has other good music to!.
So chek em out and show some support

First of the new releases of RobinZett, Discover Ep
This Ep Features two tracks, Outside and Inside
The track Outside has a somewhat more joyfull techno/House sound.
Aswhere the track Inside has more of a classic sound.
i realy like the track Outside. So listen to the music >>Here<<
Or purchase on >>beatport here<<

Second up is EnryC whit his Landscape EP.

I like this Ep, it has more of a funky house feelling to it.
The two tracks, Landscape and The moon is rising fit each other well.
I could see my self chillin at a lounge bar whit this music in the background

Listen to the album >>Here<<
Or purchase on >>beatport here<<

Thats it for now,
Il be back whit more cool tunes next time (and new 80thies-epop track)

Tutorial video uploaded

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-06-29 18:18:49
Hi all,

I started to work on my synthedit and synthesis video series..
I have uploaded the first video of these series.

This video explains how to build a simple vst using the program synthedit .
From zero to end product. The next video will be about explaining al difrrant parts of a subtractive synthesiser featuring in-depth explanation about oscillators filters lfos envelopes and modulation paths.

I hope you enjoy the first video from these series.
If you dont want to create vst plugins but only want to understand synths better.
you can download the finished vst plugins per video >>here<< so you can follow along, in this zipfile there is the simpelskin folder to add to your synthedit skin folder

>>>chek out the video here<<<


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