Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Live Music@Amersfoort

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2019-02-09 13:57:30
Hi all,

Tomorrow is the big day
First Real live gig whit me and LucieJ

We start at 13:30 and well be playing some know music of us
Most if it will be freestyle so even we are not sure what will happen
If your in the area be sure to stop by and listen to our spacey electro pop tunes!

We play at Olivierplaats 2 - Amersfoort
>>>Check google maps here<<<
We are scheduled to play 30mins on 13:30 / 15:00 / 16:30


Experiment Records Label Showcase

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2019-01-11 16:37:46
Hi all,

I noticed my Electro beats mix collection did verry well and thanks to all that are
listing to it, If you missed it you can hear it here

>Listen to the ElectroPop Beats Collection<

You can now get the Experiment Records Label Showcase

Bringing you the finest releases of what there catalogue can offer at the moment
>>>>Check it out here<<<<

And my music is in there to!
I have been working on new music and projects,
Next month i will be performing whit LucieJ at a city event in Amesfoort Netherlands.

I have also submitted my remix for the Afrojack Remix Contest,
I cannot share it right now but i did a good job on it,
I am quite excited about this, well thats it for now, enjoy your weekend

Merry Xmass Free stuff!!!!!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-12-25 15:28:29
Hi all,
First i want to thank every one and Massachuse and Ohio for the great support!

Its Christmas Again, and as i do every year ive got a few gifts
For the music maker and lover,

I created a a collection mix of all the new electropop beats music
This includes my electropop tunes of the last two years aswhell a preview
on the new music i made together whit LucieJ shes quite popular
and ime glad the music is well appreciated,

so download >>>the elektropop beat collectionhere<<<

And i made 3 Cool Plugins.
>>>>Download them here<<<<
Starting off whit Roommate bob

This is a Stereo widener effect made to simulate small room verb/delay sound.
Of coarse you can turn it way in to space, its stil a stardust-audio plugin !
I found it great whit reverbs just put Bob behind the reverbs wetness and hear the magic!. Note it uses two bandpass filters for the stereo reflections.

Frobes And Kull are here to mangle kill hurt and decimate your drum loops or samples. MIDI controlled you can change the freq of various controllers whit Midi Notes, You have to set the midi in Port/Channel in the pluggin and a midi track on that port/channel to use these effects.

If you use FL Add A Midiout to your project set the Midiout port to 1
open op the effects settings window (the icon of gears)
set MIDI in Port to 1, Now you can use the Midi out to controlle the FX,

I wish you all the best merry Xmas and A happy new year!!!

Rustydragon released today!!!!!!!!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-12-19 23:45:53
Hi all

Today my new track Rustydragon has been released.
it contains the original track from around 2012 of coarse this has been remasterd
And i made a new 2018 version. also Yence505 and D-force himself
made excellent remixes that is worth listening to

You can hear it >>>>here<<<<

I really enjoyed making the new version and its some what more modern.
Although the original track was already very nice

its almost time for my Christmas surprise upload!!!
So keep a look out at my webpage for info

Music Perfomance Cancelled and Show Tonight

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-11-23 10:01:32
Hi all,

Some Bad news
The Show that was planend on 24-11-2018 Whit Me and LucieJ at
Urban Earthship Alkmaar

Is Cancelled ,Due to circumstances where unable to performe live

This evening i will be playing a live synth set of half an hour
At Utopodium, If you wanna come and listen go to googlemaps for the location
The Endless Floyd Sound will be doing there best at playing PinkFloyd tunes
I will open up the show for them,enjoy!

Ive also made cool mixes, i have noticed they dont get alot af atention
so you can get them here

Gijs de mik 2017 Mix
Gijs de mik Space Mix
Gijs de mik 2011 mix

Thats it for now

Good Stuff

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-11-20 01:28:09
Hi all!

I have some good news

Next Friday il will be perfroming live at utopdium
I will be doing live synth music as the opening act for a pink floyed cover band
called the endless floyd sound
these guys played verry well this year and ime glad i can do my music again
if your in the netherlands and want to c me performe live
Chek out GoogleMaps

And today i present my MondayMeshup,
I had this idea of creating a track using loops and samples from other artist there music, I created this track only whit those samples.
Ive mixed and machted them,
You can listen/Download the MondayMeshup >>Here<<

I used the follwing tracks

Sander van Doorn The Bass
Ferry Corsten L.E.F
Simone Vitullo Felipe Puertes Shingalin
Jimmy Hendrix Gypsy Eyes
Jimmy Hendrix House Burning Down
Felix Da House Cat Silver Screen
Don Diablo Any Time Is House Time
Albarosie Global War
Alvero And Afro Bros DubbelFrisss
Rachael Star Till There Was You
Anna E Say That you Love Me
Mikesh No Good
KernKraft 400 Zombie Nation

For the music makers out there my sulfer synth is almost done
Check out this small demonstration video.
Keep a look out at my website you can get this synth soon
Thats it for now

Live Perfromance and New Cd Yence505

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-11-06 22:24:07
Hi all!

24-11-2018 Me and LucieJ will be performing live
Due to circumstances the live performance is set to this new date

24-11-208 Saturday 13:00
Urban Earthship Alkmaar

Click Here for location on GoogleMaps

Me and LucieJ are sure to bring you cool spacey electronic music ,Some tracks feature my older electronic music and some new and for those who LucieJ well be playing here favourite tracks to!

So if your in the area be sure to fly by.
I shall record the music and share the performance mix later on

This is our first performance and a try out for new things.
Live Practising and fiddling around.

My Fellow Producer Yence505
Witch has done some great remix work on my tracks and i on his,
Released a new Album witch is available on CD.Featuring 12 cool tracks In your Arms is my favourite track along side The Sun and Activated

Get your Copy right >>>>here<<<<

i have got more good news, I am currently working on more music projects
and all is going well,more new Gijs tunes are released the next few months.

My collaboration whit Lucie J is going well and we already made 4 complete tunes.
A few of them will be ready for download next week.

The fuze project is going i well i made over 400fx samples and i am about to
create my real live sample pack. this is going to be fun and a good learning processes.

Keep Looking out for more news, I have a small Surprise on Monday (19-11-18)

How to Use Synths

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-10-26 17:00:36
Hi all,

Just a quick update this time,
My new tutorial Video is Online

>>Watch the video here<<<

In this video i explain all basic synth parameters,
It uses the Simple-SYnth demo vst from the first video,
If your interested in learning how to use synths only you can download the vst
at the following page


Thats it for now

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