Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Fuze and music from experiment records

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-08-09 12:10:46
Hi All,

I have some exiting news.
i will be creating music and effects for Fuze

I recently came in contact whit this project called Fuze
Fuze is a learning environment designed to make learning (and teaching) real text based coding as easy and as accessible as possible
>>>Chek it out here<<<

Damian Charles asked me if i wanted to make some c64 tunes for him using the program DeflMask. Its a Mod tracker style program
in wich you can make music for game systems and such like sega,nes c64 and so on
Of coarse i was happy to do so having played a lot on the c64 when i was young.

He said to me he was going to program for a project called Fuze for nintendo switch
I offered to create music and effect for the project and after he had contact whit fuze they where excited to have me on board.
I am happy whit this opportunity and i am looking forward to create cool fx and tunes.

Futher more i have here two cool tracks from Experiment records.
First off is Sam Arsh whit Apocalypse Alert

This Gloomy Deephouse track is right up my alley,
I like the atmospehre and dark sound.
Chek out the tracks >>here<<

Next up is Martin Downhill – Nightmare EP

If your more of a techhouse fan then your like this ep.
a clean solid techhouse vibe al the way, My favourite is Nightmare,
Chek it out >>here<<

Well thats all for today. Next week on Monday i have a little surprise.

The Sun

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-07-26 11:05:38
Hi All,

Today my race remix of The Sun is released
A great track made by Yence505 whit vocals by Emphavoice
The original features a cool summer trance track,
My Race remix is bit of twist and harder
>>buy on beatport <<
Or Listen to the track at >>Spottify<<

I liked working on the track and the quality was good.
Next Monday i have a little surprise for you all.
I am working on a massive Mashup Project. more on that next week

Enjoy !

Cool releases from Experiment Records!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-07-04 01:00:31
Hi all,

So as you might know one of the labels that releases a lot of my music is
>>Experiment Records<<

This label has other good music to!.
So chek em out and show some support

First of the new releases of RobinZett, Discover Ep
This Ep Features two tracks, Outside and Inside
The track Outside has a somewhat more joyfull techno/House sound.
Aswhere the track Inside has more of a classic sound.
i realy like the track Outside. So listen to the music >>Here<<
Or purchase on >>beatport here<<

Second up is EnryC whit his Landscape EP.

I like this Ep, it has more of a funky house feelling to it.
The two tracks, Landscape and The moon is rising fit each other well.
I could see my self chillin at a lounge bar whit this music in the background

Listen to the album >>Here<<
Or purchase on >>beatport here<<

Thats it for now,
Il be back whit more cool tunes next time (and new 80thies-epop track)

Tutorial video uploaded

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-06-29 18:18:49
Hi all,

I started to work on my synthedit and synthesis video series..
I have uploaded the first video of these series.

This video explains how to build a simple vst using the program synthedit .
From zero to end product. The next video will be about explaining al difrrant parts of a subtractive synthesiser featuring in-depth explanation about oscillators filters lfos envelopes and modulation paths.

I hope you enjoy the first video from these series.
If you dont want to create vst plugins but only want to understand synths better.
you can download the finished vst plugins per video >>here<< so you can follow along, in this zipfile there is the simpelskin folder to add to your synthedit skin folder

>>>chek out the video here<<<


New Music Release

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-06-23 15:32:17
Hi all,

25-7-2018 My Remix of Yence505's the sun will be released!

I made a cool remix from his trance song witch is a bit harder then the orginal.
I realy liked the original track and the vocals done by Emphavoice
Get your Copy here >>> The Sun

Furthermore i have been working on my new Techno/minimal Ep
Three great tunes to drift away to
the three tracks share a deeper dark mystic vibe
The Release date is not yet know
but if you liked my previous releases from Experiment Records
i know you will like these to!

Free tunes are coming to!.
I have been working on my Space album "The Orpalpendium Effect"
The album features my more deep synthesizer music whit a twist.
Deep Hypnotizing Melodies floating around taking you away.
The album is almost finished

For the Music makers
I recently found a phat C64 samplepack. Now i cant remember where i found it
I still wanted to share it. you can download the pack Here >>> C64SamplePack

I am working on new Vst Effects. One Decimator like effect and a Filter unit.
Both of these Effects Need midi to work. you can set the frequencies using midi input notation. This Comes in handy if you need filtering at the precise note/Frq als your source. Or to track a basseline's low end
Videos of the plug ins will be available when there ready for download.

Well that it for now.

Quick one

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-06-03 14:00:51
Hi All !

Since i have gotten a lot of request to convert the FL studio MObells preset pack
to a Fxp format. i did that last night.
So have fun and download the external preset pack here >>MobellsPresets<<

I have been working on some cool music and i look forward to the next few months.
New tunes will be released and i am quite happy about it.

In the meanwhile you can chillout listing to my SunShineStardust album.
Or go into space whit my spacemix

that is it for now.

Music release and stuff

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-04-30 13:38:09

My new track Let it Slide is released on 06-05-2018
featuring the vocal works of chahca.
Wich you may know from the track ReadyForLove and Go Go YellowScreen
This is a more dance orientated track, Good music

Yence505 and BeatGrooveRhythm Both did a remix of the track.
wich will be released to!

Further more
Yence505 Asked me if he could do a remix of my track RustyDragon.
And ofcoarse i was cool whit that, Here you can find his remix of
>>> RustyDragon.

I also have been working one some new effect plugins.
Starting whit the first TrackDelay2.
The Track Delay2 Makes small varations in time possible
Its Lfo based wich can be either freerunning or Bmp sync.
I made this plugin so i can create drum loops and percussion layers
sound more live like. Based on the fact that no one can drum 100% accurate,
Use it to create more swing like effects or small delays.
For proper use add the effect to one percussion sample/channel
and stack more of them per percussion to get the real live like sound.

And i have a Stereo widne effect.
This effect is used to create stereo wide effect splitted by freqeucie
You can set the higher frequencies stereo wide effect and the lower frequencies wide effect. als there is a modulation option for both High and Low channels.
Witch can have there own speed and mod depth. This pluggin is great on vocals
or use it after your reverb or delay.

Well thats it for now.
Keep Grooving!

New Music and Synth Demo!

Music adventurePosted by Gijs 2018-02-24 19:20:55
Hi all,

So its been a while but i have two new tracks Right here.

First one is Rave Buddy For al you ravers out there!.
>> Rave buddy <<

Second one is Take It home a deeper house track.
>>Take it home <<

And i did a remaster of an older track called Rusty Dragon,
this is a classic Gijs trance track
>> RustyDragon <<

Also i have been working on my new synth project.
it not done yet but here is a demonstration video on how it sounds and what you can do whit it. some times the audio drops out this is becuase there are some minor bugs i still have to fix.


Recently i made a new Dance song wich is going to be released on Dforce Records
Cha cha did great vocal work on this so keep a look out at the news page
for the release date

Thats it for now
Keep Grooving

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